Please note:-  Some of our dishes contain nuts, if you are allergic to nuts or any other ingredient, please let a member of staff know. 01473 680635 or 684612 / 07538 238626 Desserts

Strawberry Flute                        3.30

Glass filled with strawberry dairy ice cream, topped with mixed berries

Nouka                                         3.50

Vanilla flavoured dairy Ice Cream, with milk chocolate sauce, chocolate chips & truffles                                                

Kulfi                                            2.00

Delicious Indian ice cream made from whole milk, cream & nuts.  Pistachio flavour                                                    

Mouchak                                     3.50

Vanilla ice cream with nuts topped with glazed almonds and honey sauce                                                                  

Vanilla Fudge                             3.20

Vanilla and toffee ice cream rolled in strips of fudge

Fantastica                                  3.50

Vanilla & caramel ice cream, with chocolate balls, toffee pieces & caramel sauce

Trufito                                          3.50

Chocolate coated ice cream with a core of Chocolate


Ferrero Rocher                           3.50

World famous rich Ferrero Rocher

ice cream combined with thick

Chocolate sauce topped with

Ferrero Rocher

Cappuccino                                 3.50

A decorative cup filled with cappuccino flavoured ice cream topped with chocolate chips